Day and Night












At night we sail separate oceans.

By day we sail separate oceans.


I slip into a dream, melting

I splash into a dream, melting


against your naked body, hurting

sin over your naked body, hurting


from the beauty of it, squirming

from the beauty of it, squirming


in your wicked swivel, failing

in a wicked swivel, failing


to answer.

to die.


It's startling what the flesh

It's startling what the flesh


remembers, casting a fine mesh

remembers, casting a fine mesh


over the day, hiding

over the lusty day, hiding


at the edge of knowing, seeing

where camiknickers fall, seeing


behind the famous, knowing

your uncanny behind, knowing


how right the wrong is, giving

how perfect it is, giving


me hope.

starched pleasure.


Wild as a cat or bird

All day long, hard at the office,


being stalked with no word,

putting off standoffish


I sensed you and heard

skirts and falling profits,


the world that we owned, daring

I think of you in the worst way, daring


happily across the spring, fooling

to give me full account, fooling


rudeness whose eyes unfasten, cheating

with your horny bosses, cheating


edges that pull down time, stealing

stiff conventions, stealing


my heart.

bare uncrosses ...


At these moment I take my tree

in my favorite outfit —


in hand, though any sailor can see

a black-lace slip demonstrating tit,


no land, something so free

bending over a prerequisite.


and yet can't come to be

If thinking's the same as doing it,


on fiery beaches of love, growing

phone my fat dick, growing


when mists hide the shoreline, changing

in a Maidenform swell, changing


what drinks of rapport, drinking

fruit in a three-piece suit, drinking


the thirsts of the sunshine, being

from the tiny edges, wearing



your panties.


I notice I have rippled planes

Who wears the pants


of affection—not one remains

when the girls look askance


till it laughingly gains

at a tight silk romance


my erection, building

dreams are made of? ... building


illusions in sands of flesh, making

silence in dapper shades, making


mischief in blasé lands, nailing

love to soft cellophane eyes, nailing


wet mirth in nests of sorrow, hammering

your teeth to your gullet, hammering


my heart.

an eight ball.


What does it matter? breaths a crowd.

Nothing'l thrill'm


My flesh is foreign but I have vowed

like a bra that'l spill'm


in a color like canaries, hunting

in a shot Polaroid film, hunting


where whispers fasten, planting

for an arty script, nourishing


buxom crops back home, feeding

girls on rugs, to be whipped, asking


embryonic tomorrows, flushing

what's an actress in a nude scene, being


false shame.

a lady?


I remember how nude become you.

I think you're a peachy number,


You rocked in your berth, brushing

baby, brushing


in brooks of attention, dressing

your hair, dressing


to take what obtains, wearing

to kill, shaving


dream oceans unhidden, becoming

it nude, becoming