A Diminutive Piece


I met a childish pussy


Traipsing through the woods;


I called to stylish pussy,


"Could I taste your goods?"


I spied the lambkin swimming


In the water, blue;


With nude pudenda brimming


Like my daughter, too!


I dreamt I sniffed high panties


Swinging from the trees;


(To fix a debutante, ease


Up between her knees)


I wonder what she's wearing


Underneath her clothes;


Perhaps, if pussy's daring,


We could lift her toes!


No need to feel embarrassed


Watchin' naked 'ho';


Cracked kitten is the fairest—


(Always touch and go)


It's "Woof!" to fuck lamb bottom—


Do it just for fun;


To prove the fact U caught 'em,


U can notch your gun.


U never have to worry


Cunt supply will drop;


The angry stock of furry


Teenage crack won't stop!


So hypnotize a girlie


With your schlong power;


She'll ask, "Is it too early


For a (Yawn!) shower?


U'll get to tug her sweater,


Whisking pips inside;


When giggles wield her wetter,


Squeals will be your guide.


Foal pussy young and tender


(Pure as Christmas birth)


Will stir her stewy gender


For all your dick's worth.


And if U are arrested


Eyeing virgin twat,


Just say U got molested


When yo' mom was hot.


Should jasmine meat concern us


In shoulder-high prime?


Who else'll stoke that furnace


The very first time?