Near the throat of her mind

where cinnamon burns,

a beautiful wheel

of innocence turns

heartbreaks entwined in steel.

Smiles soar in sun valley:

naked Bas Mitzvah

spirals to a curl

in daring chutzpah—

Come dally, scrotum girl!


















Dumb breasts fan across lakes,

using ears for oars,

paddling, "Come hither!"

while on pounding shores

snakes forget to slither.

Creamies on charcoal toast

flapjack libidos

in lazy ripples

where sloshed mosquitoes

roast marshmallow nipples.


















Cool streams enveloping

dreams that are vicious

leave sorrow flopping

like foreign fishes

developing swapping.

Lift the gentlest flame

from lips ... whose cruel feast

dances on a smile

next to the arch priest

who cooks blame for a while.


















Nude, except for a horse,

she trots in painted,

plaid bosoms impearled—

(her father fainted,

of course) as the world whirled.

Respectfully, I carve

"Janet" in my thigh,

"boiling good-looker...."

Like a mad dog, I

starve, snarling brown sugar.