Milk Juice


Recipe for kindness—


Mix me up a fuck;


Attribute it to blindness,


Temperature and luck.


Slave me to a mother—


Babies through the door;


Fields of joy that other-


Wise would be a whore.


Toast and coffee prison


(Sucking cocks for fun)


Dreams of Hers and His'n


(Infant's thumb makes one)


Tongue the frozen asses,


Sleep the rising heat;


Member's hard math classes,


Lover's cream elite.


Ready for the answer?


Puce-smeared pears above...


Juice her and depants her!


Slice of life, O love.


Ass-cheeks clenched with hay


Guard the jealous fuck—


Gopher feels his way, ...


Duns the inner tuck!


From hills I'm thinking of


(Tends to razzle round)


Hope of fear in love—


Guzzles what I found.