I've Got Nothing to Lose


Fishes swim beneath the fiery light,


They don't seem to be blue;


Everything is gonna be alright,


I can live without you;


Since you left the TV looks the same —


You can do what you choose;


Took the picture but I kept the frame —


I've got nothing to lose.


Titties flash across the silver screen,


Bouncy Pepsi women;


Shot my car down to St. Augustine,


Just to do it again;


Since you left the nightlife sparks the same —


You can keep your tattoos;


Quenched the fire but I kept the flame —


I've got nothing to lose.


Skimmed the boardwalk to the sandy shore,


Fishes never explain;


Set my heart out on a drifting oar,


Watched it sink with the pain;


Since you left the floozies twist the same —


You can die at the news;


Stole the target but I kept my aim —


I've got nothing to lose.