Throw me, Sheree, on the fire,


Blink your pussy's inward smile,


Bugs your knee a naked mile,


Tear your modest choir—


Down from Tuesday, up from liar.


Teach me, Sheree, all your art,


Oil my crib in Volvo style,


Rev my hope to endless while,


Touch my Daffy heart—


"EEK! I can't believe I'm smart."


Taste me, Sheree, over fright,


Skip the TV turkey tune,


Watch our cable munch the moon,


Mickey, I'm alright—


One and one and one, good-night!


Love me, Sheree, one more time,


Upsy-daisy, in my arms,


Melt my couch potato charms,


Here's another rhyme—


You are what I like that's I'm.