69ers Win Super Ball


Touchdown! Aren't you ticklish?


She giggles in my lap with no concern.


For an extra point


she wears a flannel nightgown.


Isn't this more than you can bear?


Somersaults with no underwear.


I can bare it.


Touchdown! Cartwheels on the sidewalk.


For some mysterious reason


only girls play upside down.


She flirts with gravity.


The boys preoccupy themselves


with marbles.


They can wait for it.


First down! Her breasts developed well.


She explodes across the horizon


spurring field goals.


Bachelors line the block.


She knocks their socks off.


We had to add this rule,


There'll be no spiking.


Long and deep! Women's liberation


treats a father to a daughter's


topless dippings in the ocean.


Instant replays


keep me up all night.


Is sublimation


not waiting for tomorrow?


Half-time, but the game's really over.


Now we'll substitute.


Home for vacation, she calls me


from the shower.


I don't mind bringing her a towel.


Who could growl with her standing there


smiling dryly.


Touchdown! She's pulling down my pants.


Don't you want to know


who taught her that dance?


It's what they do at school I guess.


Someone taught my daughter that silliness.


You know the Golden Rule.


Am I a fool?