Spiritual Honey Ignites Town


I like my women loose,


Smooth as shit through a goose;


Listen! Klop! Klop! Klop-klop!


Come close, my Hershey drop.


Come here, you bathroom face—


Now why in the first place


did you ever leave me?


Is my reality


Some sort of counterfeit?


Kloppity! Dit-dit-Dit!


Come here you piss and shit.


You've got the damnedest look—


Hope you don't get mistook


For what you were before,


What kids would call a whore,


Or better yet, a wimp!


Not talking? You can primp


Until the cows come home,


Or bend over and roam


With a "Moo" of your own.


Men like it when you moan—


Makes 'em ejaculate.


I wouldn't hesitate


Putting you out for hire,


Pubescent little liar.


Klop! Kloppity! She cries!


Go ahead! Roll your eyes.


You're very talented.


My friend who saw her said


Your mom looks like a crow.


Is that the way you'll go?


You really dig this act,


Don't you? Matter-of-fact,


Let's us go from the house


Without a shirt or blouse


Spoiling anyone's view...


Wait. Is your bra askew?


That's fine. Who needs a bra!


How 'bout a camera


to catch our moonlight cruise—


What happened to your shoes?


Ladies in dishabille


Ought to wear their high-heel...


Whoa there, honey. That's it.


Klop! Klop! Klop-klop! Dit-dit!


But I don't think you need


That last shred. Stallions breed


When naked sluts are loose.


We don't want an excuse


For what's bound to happen


With your titties flappin'...


Kloppity! Klop! Klop! Klop!


Amazing! But no fair


Taking a key. Your bare


Necessities belong


With me. So come along.


(Lest you think I'm a rogue,


Shaven sex is in vogue)


Nice, eh? How can you fault


Creamy pepper and salt?


I love girls who don't stop.


Kloppity! Klop! Klop! Klop!