Tomorrow Combs Her Long Blonde Hair


I picked up Nature's daughter,


Vagina smooth as dewy water;


Embedded in incestuous eyes


Dark dreams consent to copulate;


Nude back suggests what occupies...


Soft contours tease, "You're never late."


Doffed bra agrees, "I never wait."


Her bosoms make fine ripples;


I like to call her Pokey Nipples.


A girl in love—I adore her!


Beached cleavage scoops for me alone


With tiny pink shells before her;


Remember baby on the phone?


Pumps ardent arcs of buoyant cone.


Tomorrow combs her long blonde hair,


Beneath her dress, black underwear


Which she disturbingly removes.


Live lobsters in her hand, she turns,


Silhouettes something soft that moves,


Bends to fix a shoe, whelp concerns


Nonchalantly farmed, and returns.


Bare sunrise legs conduct her seat,


Thrust engine wish becomes my feet:


First dissect her female pale wide,


Unfasten trembling tethers;


Skirt's precious view shame wants to hide,


Toast cinnamon altogethers!


Unfuzzed thirsty feline feathers.


"What shall," I said, "we do tonight?"


"Let's fuck," she slyly said, "Alright?"


"Aren't you easy to have fun with!"


"Nothing but your mammal prime mate


Galloping over to run with."


"I twitch," says I to acclimate


This horse-scented-manger climate.


Rhapsodies, my perfume shoulder!


Fall me down to get much bolder.


Off we bluejean zipper smooth stars,


Upward awkward blooming first date—


Tentative strokes on musk guitars


In wicked lick and hesitate,


Crisscrossing dick, lying in wait.


As Spring doth blow yond carrot trees,


Blonde dork-breath curtsey-squats to please;


Silk-whipped hardness dares the gunwale,


Stuffing pretty eyes with blue talk—


Chug-chug cheeks of puffing funnel,


Insouciance reigns the flock,


Frenching with a Mushroom P. Cock.


Steamed slit in heat, I cannot tell


The ballroom bombs that make me swell:


Untoward times and bondage games,


Breasting bees for your employer;


Embrace the clinch with what's-their-names—


Pique the esoteric voyeur!


In faith, your come licking warrior.


A naked pearl tongue honey's child


To kiss responds wet, orange and wild;


Uncoiling untamed loyalty,


Flesh fibers dart with soul undone;


Deft hips, suddenly royalty


Defying puberty we're one!


For I am Nature's son.