Trapezoidal Fish


To the extent that a woman


curves beautifully intersecting


lines inside and out,


closely cropped scents


easing and ebbing,


becoming in essence


the wellspring


of all this hard


and easy life—


really, to that extent


she's an eyebrow that dips,


a suggestive draw of lips,


a cleft beneath nostrils


or silky part falling


in a mesial way


that strikes the moon


to pudendal advantage,


gluteal furrow—Behold!


under infinitely rising


sundresses undresses


the intercrural trench


bewitching hard sidewalks


of molten sands.


But a person's real


alligator is neither lonely


bosom nor bony trout—


) It's incendiary minds (


I drink from all directions


Like a flashing silver


stiff and stout.