Can the mind that is my mind ever know you?


Sometimes it skips through time


touching you


like a hop-stone flashing over water,


bringing me fresh disturbances from the long fondness.


In the unfathomable vastness of the sea,


where beauty has its secret heart,


a paternal


volcano violently welts


a baby's backside. Should I have tied you down?


Absurd! The fires we knew yesterday can never


illuminate tomorrow or ever


hold you


the way my arms long to—Still,


my warm blood lengthens to get under your skin.


I remember the cool enveloping sense of you


there in the moonlight, so many


years ago,


your mica blonde & gossamer-licked


breasts, soft husky voice, how they surround


Us here on the sweltering bed—Hot bitch!


Getting down to suck the chrome


off a trailer hitch!


For fourteen years you capture me


awakening to, reverberating to, your soul.


O, Virginia, I thought of hiding these flurries


on top of a choice telephone


pole in Napa,


insignificant, just another


stir from the goblet, lost in the yuck of time.


Can a poem on ice affirm one alert nerve, honest in joy


when you enter the room?


My attention


bursts through the shell


and stiffens: I dream of drawing a slice of lemon


From your loins, leaning down to sip—Maybe you'll


finger the same idea?


Ah, foreplay.


Excuse me, while I check


out & take a leak—but now I'm back!


If my ancestors knew I'd even met


a girl like you, they'd




I watched you move


the other night, child of the tenderest spirit,


Your fierce laughter and calm demeanor


makes me want to rip


your fucking


clothes off and woo you


on the altar of our future generations.