MAGIC WAND GARAGE • chapter 169




The strangest thing about the universe is why should there even be a universe? The next strangest thing is, most things in the universe don't cost anything. It kind of makes you want to go out and hold up a convenience store, doesn't it?

Maybe life is far from meaningless.





I'm going to tell you some weird things. First of all, almost every other month I come home and my telephone line is down. So I use the landlord's cell phone to call repair, and think the same guy keeps coming back and restringing the line across the street. Luckily, my upstairs neighbor loses her phone as well when the line goes down, so it's not just me.

Now my mail. My old P.O. Box 250518 got moved from the airport to the postal facility nearby about three years ago, or earlier, whenever all that security stuff was going on after the September 11 attack of 2001. Then, because I was getting The International Herald Tribune every day in my P.O. Box, and because I never actually drove over to the postal facility to get it except when the box had overflowed and they had to empty it into a bin or something, they thought I was such a pain in the ass, they moved my P.O. Box 250518 back to the airport into a foyer at the International Terminal, because they knew I would pick it up every day there. Only about sixty organizations got their P.O. Boxes moved back to the airport, supposedly because their people work there, which may not include a rogue cab driver who is counting himself lucky and laying low.

Then about three months ago I changed my subscription to the newspaper so I'd get it at my street address in Berkeley, and for the last two months haven't been getting any mail at the airport at all! I don't know where my mail is, and have started writing daily letters to myself, with a note underneath my address: "Attention Postmaster:" it reads. "My P.O. Box 250518 is at the International Terminal. Where has my mail been going?"

Then every day I check to see if the mail I mailed to myself has gotten there, or anything else, though I'm far too old for an invitation from the Hogwarts Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

There was a third weird thing, which I'll no doubt remember.



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