Red Hurts


1933 – arf!


David Daniels actually never died,


but sparkles beside Death.


The bad dog ate his obituary


and took its first breath.


Those at his party


and those beyond reach


know the touch of his heart


in our souls and wet socks


& circle where we stop


by the sands of the beach.


A thief in the night


never dies,


David Daniels, my friend,


made me wise,


with a tickle below my nose


near an urgent cat's tongue,


& made me young.


And here's to the scholars


who can't touch him,


waiting far too long


to authenticate


in a short breath


his long song.


Virginia says, Life help those


who seek truth, whether they


like us or don't like us, whether


we like them, or don't like them, &


Th-th-th-that's not all, folks!


"Move those rocks!"



david daniels -- photo :: neil marcus


Trends and Everyday Events in

the Early Twenty-First Century


Richard Ames Hart

Friday 1 October 2004