Red Hurts


Nimbostratus praecipitatio, same as today. These are the only photos I've ever seen of me, my mom and dad before they got a divorce: Colorado Springs, August 1948. I'm almost two years old. My cousin Carolyn mailed them to me a week ago. That's my cousin Louise in the chair, who gave me a lifelong admiration for girls who don't wear underpants. My father was a liaison officer, a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy in World War II, and went to Harvard. My mother went to Wellesley and was so furious at my father at the divorce, she forbade me to go to Harvard. So I went to Dartmouth instead. Now they're dead.


The yellow ones are the originals. Click any photo to see a bigger version with corrected color.


Trends and Everyday Events in

the Early Twenty-First Century


Richard Ames Hart

Thursday 13 March 2003