Red Hurts

I have solved a major problem in computer science, and the people who might be interested in the solution have never met me, nor do I even know who they are! I have created a methodology to transform the irrational into the rational, specifically by looking at an irrational sentence as a finite string of inherently rational words, any one of which can lead to playful banter, and of which banter, there is a "best fit" along with a mechanical analysis of what went wrong in the first place! It gets even better. You don't need more than eighty-eight general categories of banter and analysis, so you can hang the entire discipline of artificial intelligence within this structure, much as you hang the entire discipline of "defining individual words" within the structure of the alphabet. Finally, you can describe the meaning of any particular irrational sentence as a sentence pair, the first of which is the irrational sentence, the second of which is the two-word responding banter, all laid out after some eighteen years of research at, "Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense," which has been getting a thorough and rigorous workout on the World Wide Web for four years. The weather today is beautiful.

Trends and Everyday Events in

the Early Twenty-First Century


Richard Ames Hart

Tuesday 15 April 2003